Wild Harmony dates for the Autumn term 2018, with Fran André, while Emily Roblyn takes a much-needed and well-earned break:

Friday 7 September

Friday 21 September

Friday 5 October - NB this session will be in the St Petroc's Church Room

Friday 19 October - NB this session will be in the St Petroc's Church Room

Friday 2 November

Friday 16 November

Friday 30 November

Friday 7 December (extra session)

Friday 14 December - 'Wild Harmony and Friends' evening in the Old School Community Centre

£5.00 per session / £35 in advance for the Autumn term.

Fran André is passionate about bringing voices together in glorious harmony and encouraging a heartful, connected and celebratory group singing experience.  She also currently leads ‘Jubilation!’ choir in Totnes, a workplace choir at the Steiner Academy Exeter, teaches on the Rise Up singing camp, and works with other local choir leaders under the name 'Harmony Singing Days Devon' to create joyous en masse singing experiences for all..


Dates for the Spring term 2019 when we welcome back Emily Roblyn :

Friday 18 January

Friday 25 January

Friday 8 February

Friday 1 March

Friday 15 March

Friday 29 March

£5.00 per session / £25 in advance for the spring term


Dates for the Summer term 2019 with Emily Roblyn :

Friday 26 April

Friday 10 May

Friday 24 May

Friday 7 June

On 8 June, Wild Harmony will be singing at the Brent Island Silver Jubilee celebrations

Friday 21 June

Friday 5 July

Friday 19 July

£5.00 per session / £30 in advance for the summer term



Emily Roblyn is a choir leader, musician and singer-songwriter who grew up in Canada and harmonised and performed from an early age so that singing is so much a part of her she doesn’t remember being without it. She is passionate about sharing her love of people coming together to sing and the magic of harmony


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