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Emily Roblyn


Fran André (YouTube)

Rosa Rebecka

Susie Ro Prater

South Brent Folk

Brent Singers (South Brent)

Dartmoor Folk Choir ('The Lost Sound') (Ashburton)

Collati Singers (Buckfastleigh and Bittaford)

Global Harmony (Roz Walker) (Totnes and Exeter)

Devonly Voices (Vicky Hadland)  (Totnes)

Wren Music (Oakhampton)

For information about U3A 'IvyUkes' Ukulele group, led by Margaret Baldwin and Rick Creed at Bittaford Village Hall 10am – 12noon on the 1st& 3rd Monday of each month, see: www.ivybridge-u3a.org.uk/page45.html. FFI contact Joy Horwell This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To download the Ivyukes songbook, click on the attachment below.

For information about events in the South Devon area see: http://hubcast.co.uk/eventpromotion/whats-on/

For 'What's on in South Brent', updated since last mail out, Click here or download or open attachment below

Download this file (Citizen Shanty.doc)Citizen Shanty[Citizen Shanty - words]26 kB
Download this file (IvyUkes Songbook.pdf)Ivyukes songbook[Ivyukes songbook]19767 kB
Download this file (Songs for SBaDC Wednesday Club_11-12-2019_IvyUkes.pdf)Songs for SBaDC Wednesday Club[Songs for SBaDC Wednesday Club on 11-12-2019]2212 kB
Download this file (Songs for the Watermark_20-12-2019_IvyUkes.pdf)Songs for the Watermark[Songs for the Watermark on 20-12-2019]2000 kB
Download this file (Songs for Willow House_09-12-2019_IvyUkes.pdf)Songs for Willow House[Songs for Willow House on 9-12-2019]1905 kB
Download this file (Were standing here_Owly Dave.doc)We're Standing Here[We're Standing Here - Words]329 kB
Download this file (Were standing here_Owly Dave_Choir arrangement_Helen Yeomans.pdf)We're Standing Here[We're Standing Here - Music: 4 part choir arrangement by Helen Yeomans]48 kB
Download this file (Were standing here_Owly Dave_Choir_Helen Yeomans_live_15-09-2019.mp3)We\'re Standing Here[We're Standing Here - Choir led by Helen Yeomans]3174 kB
Download this file (Were standing here_Owly Dave_Manuscript.pdf)We're Standing Here[We're Standing Here - Words and tune by Owley Dave]30 kB
Download this file (Whats on in Brent_Current.pdf)Whats on in South Brent[What's on in South Brent]898 kB
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