Arabella Marshall, who started Wild Harmony in South Brent back in the 1990s and led us until 2001, is now a glass artist (see http://arabellamarshall.co.uk/). She and her wonderful stained glass are the subject of Clare Balding's 'Ramblings' on Radio 4 on Thursday 25 March at 3pm, repeated on Saturday 27 March at 6:07am. Click here to see a film about Arabella’s work and the ‘Wing and a Prayer’ public art project.

See: www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000tfkg 

Stained Glass in Minsmere with Arabella Marshall



Glass artist Arabella Marshall takes Clare for a walk at Minsmere in Suffolk. 

Glass artist, Arabella Marshall, takes Clare for a walk at Minsmere in Suffolk. Their focus is an old chapel ‘bleak and broken’ which provided Arabella with the inspiration for a major work of art: a new stained-glass window fitted into one of the ruin’s old apertures. It’s a striking modern feature in the abandoned building. The idea came to her when out walking which, alongside her artistic practice, is the thing she loves best in life. She says rambling alone provides creative inspiration and a space for problem solving.

Producer: Karen Gregor


Thursday 25 March 15:00; BBC Radio 4; 24 minutes

Saturday 27 March 06:07; BBC Radio 4; 24 minutes