(  Zulu lullaby sung by a mother to her child,
as they await the return of their husband/father who has gone away to work.)


SAT     Thula thu, thula baba,      }
B                 Thula         sana      }

SAT      Thula sana,                    }
B                Thula         sana       }

SAT      Thul' ubab' uzofika,         }           X2
B               Thula         sana        }

SAT      Eku seni.                        }
B                 Thula  [sana]           }


Kukh’ inkanyezi                             }
Eholel’ ubaba                                }
Imkhanyisela                                }  X 2
Indlel’ eyekhaya                            }


Thula thula                                   }
Thula baba                                   }
Ungakhali                                     }  X 2
Thula bo                                       }


[NB.  Each part has been recorded by Emily for learning purposes - click on the mp3 attachments below to play]


Download this file (Thula Sana - all parts.mp3)Thula Sana - Emily Roblyn - all parts[Thula Sana - Emily Roblyn - all parts]2126 kB
Download this file (Thula Sana - alto.mp3)Thula Sana - Emily Roblyn - alto[Thula Sana - Emily Roblyn - alto]2126 kB
Download this file (Thula Sana - bass.mp3)Thula Sana - Emily Roblyn - bass[Thula Sana - Emily Roblyn - bass]2126 kB
Download this file (Thula Sana - soprano.mp3)Thula Sana - Emily Roblyn - soprano[Thula Sana - Emily Roblyn - soprano]2126 kB
Download this file (Thula Sana - tenor.mp3)Thula Sana - Emily Roblyn - tenor[Thula Sana - Emily Roblyn - tenor]2126 kB
Download this file (Thula Sana.doc)Thula Sana - Lyrics[Thula Sana - Lyrics]39 kB
Download this file (Thula Sana_pt 2_Wild Harmony_4-12-2015.mp3)Thula Sana - final verse sung by Wild Harmony in Rehearsal on 4/12/2015[Thula Sana - final verse sung by Wild Harmony in Rehearsal on 4/12/2015]1206 kB
Download this file (Thula Sana_SATB-score_BigBigSing.pdf)Thula Sana - Music - all parts[Thula Sana - Music - all parts]657 kB
Download this file (Thula Sana_Wild Harmony_24-4-2015.mp3)Thula Sana - Sung by Wild Harmony in rehearsal[Thula Sana - Sung by Wild Harmony in rehearsal]3841 kB
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