Chant inspired by the music of the people of the central African rainforest 
© John Bowker

Each simple part enters in this order:

Part 1:  Ku-de ku-ku-ru, melody
Part 2:  Mali-ay-o, Mali-o, low
Part 3:  Mali-ay-i-yay-i-yay—iyo, Mali-ay-i-yay-iyo, high
Part 4:  Mali-ay, Mali-ayo, descending
Part 5:  Mali-ay, Mali-ayo, echo of descending Part 4
Part 6:  Mali-ay-lay-iyo, yodel (repeats every other time)


Whilst not actually a baka/mbuti piece, this is my attempt to honour the art form/culture/spirit tradition. Meli e is one of the names given to the spirit of the forest. This chant is a blessing song for the Meli e. It has been sung many times in ritual retreats to send apologies to the forests and all the creatures wounded by human kind’s desecration of that magical environment. I would appreciate it if this message could be communicated to listeners in any performance of this song, either in an introduction or program notes.” – John Bowker

2020  Wild Harmony