(Copyright: Rosa Rebecka)

Intro – women – small group
The robin is the finest bird
All in the apple tree
The red upon his body
For all the world to see

1. women
He’s soared to hell on scorching wings
With water for the damned
He’s sung a song of comfort
For the ever-fading lamb
So sing his tree no elegy
Though it be bare and frail
Sing Wassail!

all  (sing) Wassail, (sing) wassail, (sing) wassail

2. men
The soil itself is buried
At the coming of the Dark
The robin he may tarry
Come the lapwing and the lark
But we will not sing Death Mass
Though the world be still and stale
Sing Wassail!

all  (sing) Wassail, (sing) wassail, (sing) wassail

3. all
The ruthless of the rootless
The warriors of shame
Come looting and polluting
With smog and smoke and flame
But save the seeds from scorching
And rescued from the gale
Sing Wassail!

all  (sing) Wassail, (sing) wassail, (sing) wassail

4. all – with extra decoration harmony
And sleeping in the subways
Are seeds, as yet unseen
And underneath the ashes
Lay whispers of the green
So sing the trees no elegies
That they may yet prevail
Sing Wassail!

all  (sing) Wassail, (sing) wassail, (sing) wassail

5. all – with extra decoration harmony
Come bind the earth together
Come stretch towards the crest
We breathe into each other
Where robins come to rest
So shield the budding blossom
So fragile and so pale
Sing Wassail!

all  (sing) Wassail, (sing) wassail, (sing) wassail

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