These are rehearsal recordings of the songs for Stoke Gabriel 2020 as sung with Rosa Rebecka at the Station House, South Brent, on Sunday 12 January 2020

(Download or play the attachments as mp3 files)

Download this file (1-Here we come a wassailing_Wassail Singers in rehearsal_12-01-2020.mp3)01 Here we come a Wassailing[Here we come a Wassailing - Wassail Singers on 12-01-2020]2466 kB
Download this file (10-Jacobstowe Wassail_Wassail Singers in rehearsal_12-01-2020.mp3)10 Jacobstowe Wassail[Jacobstowe Wassail - Wassail Singers on 12-01-2020]2515 kB
Download this file (2-Stoke Gabriel Wassail Song_Wassail Singers in Rehearsal_12-01-2020.mp3)02 Stoke Gabriel Wassail Song[Stoke Gabriel Wassail Song - Wassail Singers on 12-01-2020]857 kB
Download this file (3-Torbay Wassail_Wassail Singers in rehearsal_12-01-2020.mp3)03 Torbay Wassail[Torbay Wassail - Wassail Singers on 12-01-2020]2306 kB
Download this file (4-Levy Dew-New Year Carol_Wassail Singers in rehearsal_12-01-2020.mp3)04 Levy Dew[Levy Dew - New Year Carol - Wassail Singers on 12-01-2020]2188 kB
Download this file (5-Wassail the Silver Apple_Wassail Singers in Rehearsal_12-01-2020.mp3)05 Wassail the Silver Apple[Wassail the Silver Apple - Wassail Singers on 12-01-2020]2294 kB
Download this file (6-Robins Call_Wassail Singers in rehearsal_12-01-2020.mp3)06 Robin\\\'s Call[Robins Call - Wassail Singers on 12-01-2020]3650 kB
Download this file (7-Somerset Wassail_Wassail Singers in rehearsal_12-01-2020.mp3)07 Somerset Wassail[Somerset Wassail - Wassail Singers on 12-01-2020]1217 kB
Download this file (8-Fire and Wine_Wassail Singers in rehearsal_12-01-2020.mp3)08 Fire and Wine[Fire and Wine - Wassail Singers on 12-01-2020]1485 kB
Download this file (9-Halsway Carol_Wassail Singers in rehearsal_12-01-2020.mp3)09 Halsway Carol[Halsway Carol - Wassail Singers on 12-01-2020]963 kB
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